Little Dogs Have Big Characters…

Every year in the UK, the Kennel Club receives around 27,000 new registrations for Toy Breed Dogs. The highest amount of registrations received in the UK throughout 2017 were for the Pug Breed.

Historically, Small breed dogs have been bred for many years for several different purposes. For example, the Yorkie breed was originally bred to catch rats in clothing mills in the 1800’s. Queen Victoria was also known to be a lover of smaller dogs, owning 6 Pomeranian’s at one time. 

These days smaller dogs are much-loved members of the family rather than being used as working dogs. 

Small Dogs and Exercise

Smaller dogs have their own unique characteristics and requirements. Many may assume because they are small in size they don’t need as much as exercise as larger breeds. However, this isn’t always the case and prospective owners should research each breed individually to understand their exercise needs. For example, a Shih Tzu is recommended to exercise for up to 20 minutes a day, but a Toy Poodle can need up to 60 minutes. Learn more at Your Dog Advisor.

Small Dogs and Diet

Small dogs also have different dietary requirements, they burn energy at a much quicker rate than bigger breeds therefore they need a diet with higher calories and higher protein levels. 

Also, because they have smaller tummies and mouths, this means they can only eat a small amount at a time therefore it is important to feed them a diet which is nutrient rich. A food with plenty of Vitamin B is also essential, as this can help to boost metabolism.

Smaller dogs are renowned for also being fussy eaters, it is important to stick to a good quality diet – with plenty of meat, oils and fats. Dogs have great smell receptors, so a good smelling food will encourage the fussiest of eaters.

Little BigPaw for Small Dogs

With all this in mind, at Little BigPaw we cater specifically to small and toy breed dogs with our range of wet complete foods.

Each recipe has 60% freshly prepared meat with 40% vegetables, herbs and oils and plenty of the important Vitamin B.

Our recipes are available in 85g or 150g pots, designed to be a single serve size so that your dog has the freshest food every time, ideal for the fussy eaters!

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