Because Little Tummies need a Little Kibble …

Introducing Little Paws BRITISH Chicken, Rich in FRESH chicken with vegetables and healthy herbs Complete dry food for Adult dogs.
Small dogs need an energy-dense, highly digestible food to ensure they maintain perfect condition, good gut health and a beautiful glossy coat.
Our recipe is specially formulated for Small & Toy dogs …… beacause Little Tummies need our Little Kibble.

• Made with British Chicken in the UK
• 70% Chicken
• 30% Vegetables, Herbs, Minerals & Oils.
• 100% Natural with added vitamins and minerals
• 0% Grain Recipe
• Hypoallergenic
• Rich in fresh chicken to suit fussy eaters
• Added Taurine to support a healthy heart
• Nutritionally balanced for small dogs

Small Dogs and Diet

Small dogs also have different dietary requirements, they burn energy at a much quicker rate than bigger breeds therefore they need a diet with higher calories and higher protein levels. 

Also, because they have smaller tummies and mouths, this means they can only eat a small amount at a time therefore it is important to feed them a diet which is nutrient rich. A food with plenty of Vitamin B is also essential, as this can help to boost metabolism.

Smaller dogs are renowned for also being fussy eaters, it is important to stick to a good quality diet – with plenty of meat, oils and fats. Dogs have great smell receptors, so a good smelling food will encourage the fussiest of eaters.

Little BigPaw for Small Dogs
Little BigPaw cater specifically to small and toy breed dogs, add our complete dry dog food to our range of wet complete foods for variety.
Each wet dog food recipe has 60% freshly prepared meat with 40% vegetables, herbs and oils and plenty of the important Vitamin B.
Our recipes are available in 85g or 150g pots, designed to be a single serve size so that your dog has the freshest food every time, ideal for the fussy eaters!

And why not try our Little BigPaw Oven Baked Dog Treats, baked in our carbon neutral, wood fired ovens using timber harvested from local woodlands. Every treat is shaped into our unique Little BigPaw “paw” shape, ideal to be broken into smaller pieces and used as a training treat or fed whole… either way we guarantee crunchy perfection in every bite.

All of our Small and Toy Breed Foods are available to buy from our Shop for home delivery.