NEW Littles Treats perfect for Reward Based Training

Introducing the latest treats from Little BigPaw – Little Boostas, Little Kips and Little Tricks designed with your dog in mind.

A well trained dog is a delight to own and the Littles Range can help, by engaging, keeping your dogs mind active and rewarding good behaviour.

Our NEW Littles Range are 100% Natural training treats, soft & squidgy oven baked full of a yumminess they won’t be able to resist making them perfect for Reward Based Training.

100% Natural ingredients with no added sugar. Grain Free recipe.

Little Boostas : Superfood treats to keep tails wagging all day. Naturally helps to maintain high levels of activity and peak performance. Delicious soft baked treats packed with superfood energy and natural sugars.

Enriched with SuperFoods for active energy. Fresh Banana, Spinach and Honey for energy boost.

Little Kips : Chillaxing Vegan treats for all dogs and puppies. Little rewards to naturally aid sleep and rest. Calming and comforting to allow you and your dog a well deserved, rejuvenating bit of peace.

Rich in delicious homemade peanut butter. A gentle blend of chamomile and valerian root. A little bit of peace in every paw !

Little Tricks : Irresistibly tasty training treats for all dogs and puppies. Delicious soft treats to naturally encourage good behaviour. Perfect for reward based training. Treats can be easily divided to stimulate interaction and bonding between you and your dog.

Little rewards to encourage pawfect behaviour and waggy tails. Enriched with tasty liver for palatability. Added mixed herb with health boosting properties.

With a Little training your dog will be eating out of the palm of your hand and will perfect the mantra …… greet, leap, sleep repeat !!

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