Protecting your dogs paws……..

Dog walks in the winter can be wonderful, frost and snow can add to the magic of your walk, however there are a few extra precautions to take when walking your dog. Your dogs paws can take a beating, snow and ice can cause frostbite and dry out a dogs pads leaving the skin sore, cracked and painful.

When roads are gritted and pavements salted your dogs paws can be irritated, if your dog is affected there are a few things you can do to make a winter walk more enjoyable.

Dog Boots may not be the height of fashion, but if your dog is suffering they can be a great solution, protecting from the elements and keeping Fido’s paws warm.  Found at all good pet stores and in a range of colours and sizes, ask your local pet store for a fitting. Gradually build up the use starting with wearing around the house as some dogs will not like the feel of boots on their feet.

Paw Wax or Vaseline can minimize dry skin and salt damage, massage into your dogs paws before a walk, most dogs will enjoy the attention but this may be something you can build up with plenty of gentle patience if your dog is not keen on the sensation.


Shorter winter walks – during colder days it may be best to shorten your walks to minimise the chance of frostbite. Dog coats or waterproof jackets can help keep the cold out and if walking at night reflective strips or collar lights are great for keeping you both visible.

Always have a towel handy, make sure you wipe your dogs paws after every walk. If your dog is happy dipping each paw in warm water will remove and salt and ice residue and then gently dry between each pad.

Check out your local pet store for paw wax, reflective products, dog coats, dog boots as they will give great advice on the best products for your dog. #shoplocal #dog #allthingsdog #dogwalking