Puppy Socialisation during Lockdown

Your New Puppy Arrives

Inviting a new puppy into your home is exciting and daunting at the same time, the challenges that face the new puppy owner have been amplified by the recent lockdowns. Access to puppy classes and mixing with other people to socialise your puppy has been put on hold.

Puppys Development

One of the crucial points for a puppy’s development is between 8-12wks before they have had their final injections and can safely go on walks outside of the home. This period would usually include Puppy school and meeting new people both of which are off limits at the moment so try these tips to stimulate and socialise.


Try going on short walks with your puppy in your arms, this safely gets them used to new sounds and smells, de-sensitising them, ready for when their vaccinations are complete and lead walks can be taken.

Get your puppy used to the idea of walks with their collar and lead. Put their collar on, this can feel unusual for a puppy and it will take some getting used to, reassure your puppy whenever you try something new. Take some time out to walk your puppy in the garden with their lead attached, getting them used to the feel and novelty of the new lead. Long leads are invaluable at the training stage as they give security and control to the owner, letting puppies explore the environment safely.

Short car journeys are also a good idea when getting your puppy used to new things, a dog that is happy to travel makes life easier for everyone. * Remember – never leave your dog in a car during the warmer months as temperatures can rise very quickly !

Training your Puppy

Calm handling of your puppy is crucial, from an early age examining ears, shoulders haunches, legs & feet, under carriage, eyes and teeth helps your puppy get used to being handled, promotes bonding and trust, making Vets visits less stressful for you and puppy.

Simple commands can be taught from the moment you get your puppy, teaching them to sit, wait and come using a reward for good behaviour (treats and fuss work just as well) will help once you start walking your dog outside. Puppies can be quick learners but plenty of patience is needed to perfect their obedience.

Rest and Relaxation

Remember that after a burst of activity your puppy will need to sleep in a quiet undisturbed area, puppies use a lot of energy and rest is essential for their growth and well-being.

These are just a few suggestions in raising your beautiful new puppy, making a more enjoyable experience for all.

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