Naturally Delicious Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

We make 100% natural grain free-dog food that tastes delicious and keep’s your dog’s digestion as healthy as it could be. All of our Naturally Delicious recipes have a single protein source – 100% traceable British meat.

Why grain-free wet dog food?

It has been shown that dogs can struggle to digest grain and gluten as well as protein, yet many dog food makers still use these ingredients in the recipes. Here at Little BigPaw we only use 100% traceable British meat along with a carefully balanced mix of vegetables that give your dog the vitamins that they need.

100% Natural & 100% British

We are proud that all our range is produced in the UK and Naturally Delicious is no exception. Produced in the heart of the British countryside, each recipe is packed full of freshly prepared 100% traceable British meat. As we only use a single source protein Naturally Delicious is also hypoallergenic and 100% natural, we don’t add any artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives.